Sam Bloomfield

Sam Bloomfield


My name is Sam Bloomfield originally from Cambridge in England but now living in Mallorca, I have always been very active in my life. In 2008 I fulfilled one of my many dreams, I went to Australia and studied at the Australian Stunt Academy where I graduated and became a Professional Stuntman.

Realising this dream made me want to carry on and do all I could to reach my other personal goals, another was to become a Scuba Diving Instructor so I moved to Thailand and made this a reality, but I still wasn’t through. I had one challenge left… and that was to become a Personal Trainer, so I went back home to England and attained my level 3 Personal Trainer diploma with CYQ (central YMCA qualifications).

My qualifications are: Personal Trainer, Outdoor Fitness Instructor, Gym Instructor, Fitness Assessor and Nutririon Advisor



Sam runs a full schedule with personal clients and in his case we need to check availability.

Price: €90 per hour session


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